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Funny bone: the geeks shall inherit the earth


Photo: Kiah Krassey

Science is serious stuff, right?  WRONG!

Behold the new lab freezer in a South Australian school!  Purpose bought to hold more of our incredible specimens so they can save on delivery costs and macabrely decorated by the incredibly funny lab tech.  How brilliantly cool is that?  For those of you that don’t recognise the pop culture reference on the sign -> go and read up on Officer Friendly and his band of merry men.

I don’t know where the traditional image of the mild mannered, white coated, serious minded scientist came from.  Over the years I’ve met and worked with some of the wackiest, funniest and weirdest people you’re ever likely to meet and they’ve all been brilliant minds of science.

Make no mistake, Vivsters, the geeks shall inherit the earth.  And when they do it’s going to be one big liquid nitrogen ice-cream making party.  Woot!


April 13, 2015