About Us

Meet Miss Vivi Section – she’s your Dissection Connection

It’s become increasingly apparent that schools, universities and medical professional development facilities are having trouble sourcing good quality organ specimens for dissection classes and training workshops.

Dissection Connection sources and supplies dissection specimens for schools and educational institutions. The organs are vacuum packed, frozen and delivered to your door. All you have to do is defrost them when you’re ready to use them.

Miss Vivi is the alter ego of a Queensland science tech and her aim is that Dissection Connection will be your one stop shop for specimens that are guaranteed to be suitable for dissection. No more hearts with the top cut off. No more cancelling eye dissections because you can’t get the stock.

Miss Vivi knows you want your pound of flesh.
She knows there is no substitute for the real thing.
And she knows how to get it for you.
Dissection Connection – everything but the squeal

You can order online, by email or phone and we are more than happy to send you a freight quote, stock photos or answers to life’s most deep and meaningful questions if you’ll only get in touch.