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Marching into March – Hearts back in stock at Dissection Connection

We’ve got some ovine hearts available right now, but limited numbers in stock. New stock due to arrive this Saturday and then we’ll be processing as fast as our cardiovascular system will let us!

Fingers crossed they are good quality this time.

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COVID-19: there’s more to life than this

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown taught us that life is too short to be working 80 hours a week. Starting from April 2020 we will be closed on Fridays for the foreseeable future. These guys are pretty excited about it too:

We intend to spend more time together at the beach, in the garden and generally doing nice things as a couple.

It’s still business as usual 9am to 5pm Monday – Thursday.

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#TuneOutTuesday gets a reminder that the nitty gritty of life is what it’s really all about

Meshel laurie

If we ever needed an installment of #TuneOutTuesday it’s this week. There is A LOT going on and really it’s too much for me to handle all at once.

I’m trying to get the BAS done as quickly as I can so we can start working with our accountant on whether or not we are going to survive this awful period.

I find I need to listen to something interesting but not disturbing so my true crime list is off the table. Enter The Nitty Gritty Committee with Meshel Laurie podcast. Interesting people interviewed about the guts and the glory of life.

I’ve skipped a few but the way it hops from comedy to celebrity to everyday heroes is just what I need right now.

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