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Science mini conference in Cairns 2015

Science mini conference in cairns featuring Miss Vivi and Rockhoundz

Road trip!  Woot!

Save The Date: 29 & 30 June 2015

Cairns science mini-conference for lab techs and teachers at Cairns SHSeventbritebutton

Registration now OPEN!  Click here to register

Cairns science mini-conference for lab techs and teachers 2015

Featuring an Australian first: toad euthanasia workshop

Workshops include:
* How to get away with murder: hands on toad euthanasia workshop using the current approved CO2 protocol
* Dissection session – send us your specimen requests now! Hearts? Piglets?
* Anatomy and physiology classroom activities
* Classroom experiments to make earth science fun and interesting
* Rock identification
* Microfossils and foraminifera
* Tag-along tour of local geology sites that you can turn into your own school excursion
* Drinks and networking session on Monday afternoon

If you have an idea for a session or would like to run one on another topic then feel free to get in touch.

Cost will be kept to a minimum to cover consumables and catering.
This is an ideal opportunity to get good quality PD right in your own backyard, so please encourage your colleagues to come along. Don’t forget to share this invitation with your local network as well – we don’t know everyone, it just feels like it!

(check your email for a confirmation link)

Proudly sponsored by Dissection Connection and Rockhoundz