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The Squeal from Miss Vivi – September 2012

Well hello!

It’s been a good long while since I had a squeal so I thought I’d drop you a line.  I hope the year hasn’t been too hard on you.  It seems to be zooming towards the end now, so if it’s been a bit rough at least you know you’re almost at the end of it.

We’ve had a move recently into a bigger, brighter shed which has made the job a lot easier.  We finally have enough concrete to drive things around on pallets so a lot less muscle is required.  This has led to less squealing from me which has been a blessed relief to Mr Vivi.

The squeal from the abattoir is that the cost of plucks is going up.  Sadly, we’ve got to pass this on but I think we’ve come up with a compromise. We’ve negotiated to have a pluck without a liver delivered which drastically reduces the weight of the specimen.  We can offer these at the old price of $12.00 and the pluck we’ve always had will go up to $16.00 each.  We have a stockpile in the freezer now and we are able to fit 3 of the new plucks into a small, $2.00 box so it’s going to drastically reduce your cost of shipping as well.

We’ve been lucky to be able to supply plucks at the same price for nearly 3 years now.  There will be a new price list up on the website on 1 October in time for the new term.

There are a few interesting specials up on the Off Cuts page on the website at the moment.  I’m about to advertise our new simulated blood powder which makes up a litre of the ‘blood’ that is used in medical training facilities and emergency services training scenes.  I have 36 in stock for $10.00 each.  If there is a high enough demand for it I can always get some more.  Here’s what Liz from Armidale had to say about it:

“We just used that fake blood you sent and it’s fantastic! Took me right back to my days in Path!! I quite liked that there were a few undissolved lumps…..told the kids they were clots!!
Thanks again for sending it and next time I order anything I’ll order some more.”

I hope you are planning some rest and relaxation in the next couple of weeks.  We’re looking forward to seeing you at some upcoming conferences in Sydney and Melbourne.  Come over and have a squeal, won’t you?

Miss Vivi



ps.  I was sent this cartoon by my friend Mrs Jill who was asked during a piglet dissection “which bit does the bacon come from?”  I hope it gives you a giggle.


sunbathing pig turns into bacon

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The Squeal from Miss Vivi – February 2012

Well hello!

Here we are at the beginning of Term 1 for 2012.  I hope the summer has been kind to you and you're relaxed and raring to go.

Here at Dissection Connection we’re starting the year with a new price list.  You'll find it in the Downloads section of the website.  It’s in a slightly different format, hopefully organised to make it easier to use.  It's now in three section – specimens we try to keep in stock all the time, specimens we supply to order because there hasn't been a very high demand in the past, and specimens that are subject to availability.   Feel free to have a squeal if you have any comments about it.

There are some new dissection specimens really worth squealing about.  We've added a pluck with a pair of joined kidneys in the pack, porcine and bovine uterus are now available as stand alone items, entire piglets – which I've had a big squeal about further down this newsletter – and fresh boar semen just to name a few.

Over Christmas a styrofoam box manufacturer went out of business and consequently the remaining suppliers are having to pick up the slack.  This has meant that there are almost no small boxes to be had for re-use and we are having to buy them new.  They will cost $4.00 each for the time being, but hopefully everything will settle down later in the year and we will be able to start collecting recycled ones again.  The very large boxes we use have gone up to $6.50 each, but we can usually use a different shaped recycled one at a lower cost for you.

This year, too, Mr Vivi will be stepping up and taking on a bigger role at Dissection Connection.  I am still working at school Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so I can't always answer the phone and sometimes it's just easier to leave it with him rather than keep you waiting.  He's been there from the beginning and he really knows his way around the freezer.

Finally, we're looking for guest writers for the website.  Have a look at the details in the article below.

toy pig

This little piggy…

went to Dissection Connection.  And now it can be sent to you as a fantastic alternative to rats when you need an entire specimen.  Sourced from a farm that is breeding pigs for meat, these piglets are stillborn or smothered by their litter in the stall.  As a specimen they are cheaper, cleaner and even closer to human anatomy than a rat and every piglet that is used in the classroom represents a rat that hasn't been bred and euthanased for science.  We currently have plenty in stock and you can specify which sex you would like – although the ratio of males to females that don't make it through the birth process is quite variable depending on the weather (really).  Keep an eye on the website for articles on these wonderful specimens. 

toy cow

Win a t-shirt

We're looking for guest writers.  If you're interested in being published online, or you know someone who is, send us an article for consideration.  You can write on anything related to:

  • science
  • anatomy
  • dissection
  • top tips for labbies and teachers
  • the state of education
  • or surprise us! 

The author of the best article published on the website in Term 1 will win a Show Us Your Lungs t-shirt. 

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Happy New Year!

So, here we are at the beginning of Term 1 for 2012 and we’re all about to dive into the Australian National Curriculum for classes up to Yr 10.

Here at Dissection Connection we’re starting the year with a new price list.  It’s over there on the right under Downloads –>  It’s in a slightly different format, hopefully organised to make it easier to use.   Feel free to have a squeal if you have any comments about it.

There are some new dissection specimens worth squealing about so look out for a newsletter in your inbox soon.

We hope you’ve had some great times over Christmas and New Year.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Miss Vivi


Mr Vivi

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The Squeal from Miss Vivi – May 2011

Well hello!

it’s been a while since I’ve sent out an update of what’s happening at Dissection Connection headquarters. With the term half over already I hope you’re looking forward to the winter holidays and a chance to have a break from the swings and roundabouts of the term.

There are three things I want to squeal about in this newsletter:

  • new products
  • new freight prices
  • ConQEST 2011

New products
We have some exciting new body bits in the freezer. Bovine hearts as big as your head and weighing the same amount as a whole packet of pig hearts. Porcine testes in packs of 6 which weigh more than a packet of hearts and are usually still connected in their pairs. Bovine ovaries in packets of 6 which aren’t much bigger than a pack of porcine eyes. Bovine reproductive packs made up of a uterus with ovaries and a complete penis with testes. Coming soon are digestive system packs with a spleen, pancreas, tongues, a piece of rumen and other good things so keep an eye on the website for updates.

New freight prices
When I arrived at the courier this Monday to drop off deliveries I was given a pamphlet announcing their new freight charges – effective 1 June 2011. South-east Queensland prices haven’t changed, but there have been changes for all other areas so please have a look at the shipping information in the downloads section of the website homepage for the new charges. As we grow and send more parcels we will become eligible for cheaper freight charges which we’ll be able to pass on to you. I was hoping to get there before the courier company put up their rates, but unfortunately it hasn’t worked out that way. If you’d ever like a quote for freight on a specific order then please get in touch. It’s worth noting, I think, that we only charge what it cost us to ship to you so our freight charges are cheaper than other supply companies you will be buying from.

ConQEST 2011
Hooray for ConQEST! The annual conference of the Queensland Education Science Technicians is always fantastic and this year we are running two workshops for lab techs. One is the pluck dissection, back by popular demand after last year, and the other is a head dissection that will touch on using a bissected head in teaching the skin, the eye, the ear, the brain and the digestive system. Miss Vivi will be there ‘in the flesh’ so come to the trade display and say hello. You can find the final program for ConQEST and the link to online registration at

Finally, I’d like to leave you with some words of wisdom from a customer in Brisbane.
“I have to make a comment on your slogan. Apparently you haven’t heard two foam boxes sliding against each other. It certainly sounds like a squeal to me.”

Miss Vivi

ps. don’t forget that specials are always advertised on Facebook first so to be the first in the know Find us on Facebook