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Piglet Workshop in Bundaberg 1 June 2016

superficial view of abdominal organs, abdominal cavity stillborn piglet at dissection connection

superficial view of abdominal organs, abdominal cavity stillborn piglet at dissection connection
superficial view of abdominal organs, abdominal cavity stillborn piglet at dissection connection

Bundaberg North State High School are hosting us at a piglet workshop on 1 June 2016.  That’s quite soon so registration closes Tuesday afternoon to give you the best chance of getting signed up in time.

Mr Vivi will be running this one so you will have him all to yourself. Start a list of really hard questions for him now 🙂

You can sign up via the online shop or send a purchase order by email.  Just make sure we have it in time to defrost your piglet for you.

He’s looking forward to seeing you there.

24 May 2016

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Registration now OPEN for science in Mackay

Mackay Science Miniconference 2016 Program 8 April 2016

Registration is now open for the science conference at Mackay State High School April 7 & 8
Download the full program and all the presenter and workshop details now
Then reserve your spot by registering for the workshops you want
Clicking on the Register button below will take you out to the Eventbrite site where you can choose your sessions

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Dissection Collection: reproductive dissection is serious science fun

bovine testicle being dissected

I just wanted to let you know how much serious, Science fun we had last day of term.
We had a teacher who was a vet nurse do the dissection so she knew a lot about it all. We had many guest students, teachers and staff come to observe as everyone was so fascinated.
Definitely a worthwhile science activity!!

– Jo Kerry, Miami SHS

At this time of year it can seem like the entire curriculum is falling down on top of you.  It’s a few weeks until the end of the year, you’ve got content to finish teaching, revision to fit in, exams to write and mark, graduation ceremonies, reporting…. the list is endless and you still have to turn up for rostered playground duty.

It is very easy to decide not to squeeze in an extra activity and nobody would blame you.  But sometimes something special is just what the school needs at this time of year.

We had a couple of very large porcine uterus arrive unexpectedly.  I couldn’t tell if they were pregnant, but they were certainly bigger than anything I had seen before.  One school made the time in their day to include a dissection of the uterus and a bovine penis specimen as well and the response was fantastic.

As word spread about the impending spectacle other classes asked to come.  When the reception staff were forewarned about the delivery they asked if they could watch too.  On the day questions were thrown thick and fast and every single person in the room went away with at least one piece of information about their reproductive system that they didn’t know before.  Can you imagine the conversations at dinner tables all around the coast that night?  “What did you do at school today, son?”…..



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