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Do you do rats?

If I had a testis for every time I got a phone call or an email asking if I can supply rats we’d never be out of stock.

Raising and euthanasing whole animals has never been my thing and thinking about all the paperwork involved with licenses and permits and animal ethics approvals just about puts me into a bureaucratic coma.

Consequently the short answer is – “No, we’ don’t supply rats, sorry.” Miss Vivi is, however, very happy to recommend Southern Biological in Victoria and Pisces Enterprises in Brisbane as suppliers of rats for dissection. They both come highly recommended by lab technicians we personally know and love – and trust to know where to go for the good stuff.

Another question I get asked is “Do you know where to get toads?” and invariably my reply is “Do you know any 13 year old boys?”

A little bird tells me, though, that the demand for rats for science in Australia is so great that everyone is having trouble getting enough. So there is a lovely little niche sitting there just waiting to be filled by someone who is willing to have a go at it. Sounds like a job for a labbie to me.

UPDATE MAR 2014:  We now supply cane toads ethically euthanased via CO2 asphyxiation in accordance with the latest method endorsed by Biosecurity Queensland.  Dissection Connection no longer endorses the use of rats or mice sourced from the pet food industry as no ethical or health standards are applied to the practices of the breeders or suppliers.

Miss Vivi

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~ of or relating to a chicken

Galline plucks now available!

Galline pluck $5.00

A permanent addition to the product list and only $5.00 each.
Miss Vivi has plenty in stock and our good friend J has suggested arranging it on a piece of styrofoam, covering it in gladwrap, freezing it and then taking it into the classroom mostly frozen.

It’s probably a good idea because they do pong a bit.  Interesting though…

We also have a couple of sets of chicken heads and feet available for comparative anatomy study.  $5.00 a set while stocks last.

Miss Vivi

Aug 23, 2010

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The Meat Men

This won’t be news to you, because you have been rolling this rock up the hill for years, but I still find it incredibly frustrating to negotiate with The Meat Men.

A case in point – I had an email from a customer who mentioned that the hearts I supply were in excellent shape but the hearts on the plucks were sliced to ribbons.  It’s a fair question.  Why is it so?

Strangely, the supplier who sends me such good hearts only supplies terrible plucks – the liver is torn from removing the gall bladder, I can’t be guaranteed that the heart, tongue or much of the trachea will be there and the lungs are often sliced open as well.  In the event that the tongue and all of the trachea are in place the trachea is usually sliced open along the entire length making it difficult to inflate the lungs.

Conversely, the supplier who gives me the good plucks refuses to work with me to supply hearts in good condition.  This is the reason that the hearts on my plucks are cut to ribbons.  On balance, the overall quality of the plucks with the sliced up hearts is better than the plucks from the heart supplier, so I choose to use them.

Hopefully, as time goes by and I work on the relationship with the supplier we will be able to sort out these things.  In the meantime, if something really important needs to be sorted and I just can’t get through then I’m not ashamed to resort to putting Mr Vivi on the case.  For some reason the words spoken by a 6ft, bearded, deep voiced man on a motorbike is able to be heard loud and clear by the Meat Men.  If only they knew that, when push comes to shove, he’s much more of a softie than little old 5’5″ me.

Miss Vivi


Jun 11, 2010