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Compare the digestive systems of a monogastric and a ruminant animal

porcine stomach

” Investigate and compare the digestive systems of a monogastric and a ruminant animal, using real or virtual examples”

YES it is part of the new syllabus in QLD and it is listed as a mandatory practical – but they wrote it without consulting anyone in the industry.

Sheep stomachs are not only difficult to get, they are impossible to package.

They are difficult to get because they are hard to transport. Nobody wants a bucket full of sheep farts in their meat truck

Because of their diet and digestive processes, the stomach continues to inflate with gas long after it is removed from the animal. By the time it gets to me I can’t get it into a bag, let alone into the cryovac machine. We have found in the past that freezing doesn’t stop it – it just keeps getting bigger.

Pig stomachs are a different story. We often have a couple in the freezer. They look like Lady Gaga’s handbags.

porcine stomach

In the meantime have a look at this nice little slideshow online comparing the two.

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