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A kidney like no other

porcine kidney with cyst

I came to work the other day to find this email waiting for me. I’m pleased to see that even when we get it wrong we sort of get it right.

“This is a shot of the dissection of one of the porcine kidneys we sourced from you. As you can see it has a cyst. It was fascinating and the girls (and the staff) learnt so much. When it was dissected, it used urine, so we assumed there was a blockage – perhaps a stone. The girls handled and felt the difference between the healthy flesh and the unhealthy. I thought you’d be interested in our lesson.”

porcine kidney with cyst
Porcine kidney with cyst

I’m not sure how we missed it when we were packing because we do check every organ that comes through, but in this case I’m glad we did.

Mr Vivi came back from a Chamber of Commerce talk the same day buzzing about this specky new machine they have at a nearby University. It allows the user to navigate and interact with all kinds of virtual environments – including body systems. I’m certain that it’s a fantastic, engaging and valuable educational tool but I’m just as certain that nothing is like experiencing the real thing in your hands.


Apr 10, 2014