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The Gingerdead Wars: Halloween 2013

Well, it’s been quite a week in our kitchen!  In scenes reminiscent of the Ninjabread Wars of 2012 it’s been a battle of the undead gingerbread and we’ve run out of Miss Vivi’s Efficacious Anti Zombie Pills.

First, the Mummybread Man appeared.  Creeping across the kitchen bench, trailing icing bandages everywhere.  Look at his beady little eyes.

mummybread man biscuit
Mummybread man

Where there’s one, there’s always more!  Soon two more appeared to swell the ranks.

mummybread men biscuits
Mummybred men

It wasn’t long before they caught their first victim and exposed its brain to feed on.  Poor, poor zombiedead man 🙁

Mummybread men chase zombiedead man biscuit
Mummybread men create Zombiedead man

Then, of course, one thing lead to another and…

zombiedead men biscuits
Zombiedead men

… now we’ve got an infestation of Zombiedead Men on our hands.   There’s nothing for it but to crush them to bits and eat them.  mmmmm……brains!




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