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Earthworms wriggle their way into Dissection Connection

mr vivi looks into earthworms at dissection connection
mr vivi looks into earthworms at dissection connection
Mr Vivi looks into earthworms at Dissection Connection

Mr Vivi is having such a marvellous time with his earthworm research. His degree is in natural resource management, you know, so this is his native habitat.

An earthworm dissection has been included in a Yr 7 science textbook this year and it’s thrown everyone up here into a bit of a spin.  We’ve had several requests to supply them , so he’s bought himself some earthworms and he’s feeding them up so they will be nice and fat.  He’s really enjoying it, actually!  He talks to them when he feeds them 🙂

He has also been testing a few methods of preservation that don’t use formalin and I think he’s come up with a good method.

He’s shown me what he finds when he dissects them and it’s really interesting.  Much more interesting than I thought it would be.  He dissected earthworms at Uni so he knows what to look for.

If you’re after earthworms for the classroom then drop me a line and I’ll have you sorted out in no time.

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27 Jul, 2016