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Top Tip: masking odours during dissections

A drop of Nilodor in the corner of the dissection tray will mask any odour coming from the specimen during the dissection class.  Don’t use more than a drop, even though it doesn’t seem like much, because the Nilodor has a scent of it’s own and some people can smell it.  One drop will be enough to suppress that smell that lungs sometimes have when you are working with a pluck.

Nilodor concentrated deoderant liquid
Nilodor concentrated deoderant liquid

This top tip comes from Kent Bulger, HOD of Science at Sandgate District State High School.  The lucky kids at this school, and some Year 7 extension students from nearby schools, have really been getting their pound of flesh out of our specimens this term with a look at just about everything we stock. All reports are that they had a great time and learned a lot.

My top tip for Nilodor is to not bother looking in pharmacies for it – you’ll find it in the supermarket with the drain cleaners.