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One of those days

I’ve been working from home for a week now and I haven’t crossed a single thing off the list of “things I’ll be able to get done when I don’t have to go to school”.  When I get into a routine I’ll have time to write some dissection guides and run some workshops, in the meantime the phone rings and I can answer it, the email doesn’t pile up all day and keep me up until all hours of the night and I can pick up and deliver all over town at a reasonable time of the day.

Today, for the first time, I even stopped for lunch.  It was 3pm and the phone rang in the middle of it, but at least I sat down and ate something between breakfast and cheese-and-bic.

This afternoon I set out to pack an order for tomorrow, take the dog for a walk and be able to hang out a load of washing before sunset.  Then, since I was in the shed anyway, I thought, “I’ll just cryovac that pluck in the fridge”.

So I did.  And this is what happened:

cryovac machine full of blood
Never put off until tomorrow what you can make an awful mess of today - cryovac machine full of pluck juice. Yuck.

The pluck expelled at least a cup of blood, lung goop and general grossness into the machine and all over the baseboards inside it.  Between them, around them, under them – everywhere.  Ugh.

If anyone from the abattoir is reading this, then this is the reason I complain when the plucks are ‘too big’.  If anyone from the cryo rental company is reading this, don’t worry.  I’ve cleaned it, disinfected it, dried it out and turned it off.

Ah, well.  Order packed, cryovac cleaned from top to toe, dog walked to the bottom of the hill and back, washing still in the machine and it’s after dark.  Cheese tastes better when it’s had a bit of time out of the fridge anyway.

Miss Vivi