Kapit & Elsons Human Anatomy Colouring Book 4th Edition


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162 pages created by expert medical illustrators to study and colour.  Numbered lead lines clearly identify structures to be coloured and correspond to a numbered list.  Organised by body region and divided into sections starting with cells and working through all the different body systems.

Anatomical colouring-in is a popular teaching tool for a variety of reasons, including:

– Colouring-in is fun and appeals to all levels and types of learners,
– Diagrams reinforce the relationship of one body part to another,
– Colouring-in highlights the details of anatomy as well as the big picture,
– Colour coding is a tried and true method for many different industries so the skills learned can be applied elsewhere,
– Assists in memorising parts of the body, developing motor skills, is a fun mathematics activity for sequential numbering and numeral identification and introduces new vocabulary to enhance science literacy.

Learning can be extended by:

– investigating the same body part in a different species and identifying analogous structures,
– investigating the structures of each section in the diagram,
– investigating the body parts attached to the next section of the diagram and building a broad and detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology.