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Save the Date! Science miniconference in Mackay April 2016

Mackay Science Miniconference April 2016 featuring Dissection Connection, Rockhoundz, Cider House Tech, Fizzics Education, Berwick Office Technology
Mackay Science Miniconference April 2016 featuring Dissection Connection, Rockhoundz, Cider House Tech, Fizzics Education, Berwick Office Technology
Mackay Science Miniconference April 2016 featuring Dissection Connection, Rockhoundz, Cider House Tech, Fizzics Education, Berwick Office Technology

Block out the 7 & 8 April on your calendar because we’re bringing you a couple of days of serious science fun.Mr Vivi and I received such a warm welcome in Mackay on our way to Cairns last year that we’ve gathered up some mates and are taking them back with us this year.For anyone in North Queensland this is an ideal opportunity to get good quality PD right in your own backyard, so please join us and encourage your colleagues to come along too.

If you don’t live near Mackay then consider joining us for a couple of days professional development and a tropical getaway anyway. These dates are just before Term 2 goes back and it’s a really lovely time of year to be in North Queensland.

Please share this invitation with your local network as well by clicking on forward to a friend below. The proposed list of workshops is below and they have been chosen because they will be worthwhile for lab technicians, primary and secondary teachers, pre-service teachers and home schooling parents.

Sign up to the conference newsletter now to hear the Squeal from Miss Vivi when the full program is published and registration opens.

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  • Virtual science excursions
  • 3D Printing & 3D Scanning
  • The science of waves
  • Microfossils and foraminifera
  • Chemistry with dataloggers
  • Female reproductive system dissection
  • Physics with dataloggers
  • Networking drinks
  • Cane toad euthanasia
  • Tour of the school farm
  • Environment, soil and water testing with dataloggers
  • Plucks vs piglets dissection
  • Simple ways to teach air pressure
  • 3D Printing & 3D Scanning
  • Kitchen science
  • Earth science















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Our Science Superhero Demonstrator for Far North Queensland

Dave Sellick Science Superhero Demonstrator

Dave Sellick Science Superhero Demonstrator at Dissection Connection

Do you recognise this masked man?

We’re proud to announce that this science superhero is our new demonstrator for Far North Queensland, Dave Sellick!

Dave comes armed with over 10 years experience in school labs, most recently at St Augustines College in Cairns. He will be available to run PD sessions for you on any of the workshops we have ready to go at Dissection Connection and Rockhoundz.

Because he’s superhuman Dave will be holding down his full time job at St Augustines and presenting workshops for us outside of his usual work hours. Just like Clark Kent 🙂

So, if you’re in professional development distress then send up the bat signal and Dave will come to your rescue. He’ll be like a neuron transmitting vital information between a distal section and the core of the Vivi-beast. At the moment we have workshops prepared on plucks, hearts, piglets, toads, heads, eyes, reproduction, microfossils and geology experiments.

Let’s hear it for Dave, everyone! Just have a Squeal to Miss Vivi or a Howl to the Hound and we’ll put you in touch.

And if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Science Superhero in your area then show us the colour of your cape.


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6 question survey on a science mini conference in Mackay 2016

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Gold Coast Mini Conference REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

Science mini conference in cairns featuring Miss Vivi and Rockhoundz

toad euthanasia workshop by Dissection Connection

Monday 19 October for
Workshops at Varsity College

Welcome to Term 4.  It will be over before we know it 🙂

Registration for the workshop day at Varsity College on the Student Free Day is now open.  Block out the 19 October on your calendar, check out the program and get registered because places are limited.

Cost includes morning tea, workshop notes and the opportunity to pick our brains at will for an entire day.  Usual cost for a single workshop by Dissection Connection or Rockhoundz is $40 per person so this represents excellent value for your professional development dollar.

All lab techs, teachers and sciencey people are welcome to join us.  We are hoping to see some Yr 7 teachers among the participants too.  These workshops will also be useful to a parent who is home schooling so please share this with your networks so no-one misses out.

Free tickets are available for the 3D Printing sessions with Kellie from Berwicks if you only have time to pop over and see that on the day.  Anyone who would like to see the MakerBot in action is welcome to join us.

The program for the day and all the gory details are over on the Eventbrite registration site.

Click here to register

ps.  You will be free to bring your own toads to euthanase if you wish.  We’ll be in touch with everyone who has signed up for the toad euthanasia session separately with protocols on bringing live toads to the workshop.