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Top dissection specimen as voted by students

Hey Miss Vivi, just had 2 classes (Year 12) do the pig dissection. They loved it! Rated it their top dissection.

They have also done shark, toad and rat and the pig is by far the most popular. It was wonderful to see every boy engaged and taking part.
Thank you – from the Year 12 Biol students and teachers at BGS!!!

– Christina Jensen, Brisbane Grammar School

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Top Tip: live sperm in the classroom

This is a guest post by Deb Barnett who was the lab tech at the first school to order live boar semen.  This post puts Deb in the running to win our t-shirt competition.

The kids love it!!

It gave us a relevant and interesting resource for the unit. We even had the most disengaged student managing the microscope and getting the best view of the goings on the slide.

The sample maintained viability through the week even though the ice brick had defrosted on arrival and it was warmer than the suggested 15-20 degC in the esky. Arrival time was approx. 12.10pm Monday. I followed the recommended storage conditions throughout.

Just a few notes on how the prac was run here….  A small vial and dropping pipette (1 for each class) was placed in the incubator at 38degC until required. When the class had set up the ‘scopes and warmed their slide between their hands, I aliquoted approx 1mL into a vial and took it straight to class where the teacher kept it warm in their hand whilst walking around the lab putting 1 drop directly on the slide for each group. No “lab accidents”

So, thanks again – a good time was had by all.

Good luck with the business, you’ve certainly hit the spot with it!



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The kids were thrilled

After a number of disruptions, we finally got around to doing some more dissections this week and used YOUR supplies. I just wanted to say “congratulations” on your wonderful product.

These were the “bestest” hearts I have ever seen. The teachers were even impressed (and that usually takes some doing). The kids were thrilled by (in their words) “the dangley bits”.
Thank you again.

– Heather Law, Trinity Anglican School Earlville