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Would the real Miss Vivi please stand up?

Look who we found at the SASS conference at Graystanes today

With the funky purple hued hair and the big blue eyes could it be that Miss Vivi has a sister in Sydney? And how good is that t-shirt?

She is, of course, a labbie but she insists that she is much healthier looking than our Vivi – especially around the mouth.  Quite right, too.   Although we agreed we’d both be pleased if we’d been blessed with Vivi’s legs.

Miss Vivi

Nov 25, 2010

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T-shirt sale!

Head on over to Miss Vivi’s place for $5.00 off white t-shirts this week.

Miss Vivi T-shirt

All you have to do is use the discount code OCTSHIRTSALE when you get to the checkout.

While you’re there check out the other great products by Miss Vivi and lots of other designers, or design your own products for personalised Christmas presents.  The more you order the cheaper everything gets.*

Miss Vivi

Oct 26,2010