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Links we love: Miss Vivi’s reproductive playlist on YouTube

By Henk-Jan Kooiman (Adam en Eva) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Have you seen the resources on Miss Vivi’s YouTube channel lately?  All good stuff for the classroom or for brushing up on your knowledge before you launch headlong into a dissection.

Here is the Reproductive System playlist.  If you can’t see the video then click on the link.  Head on over to Subscribe to Dissection Connection on YouTube to hear when I add new content.



29 Jan 2016

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DIY Papercraft Skull from Skull-A-Day

papercraft skull made with free printable from skull-a-day

Despite being a bit like Penny from The Big Bang Theory when it comes to craft I do like to have a go from time to time.  As long as it is easy, doesn’t involve waiting around too much for glue or paint to dry or a special trip to the shops I’m usually up for it.

Enter the DIY Papercraft Skull with Articulated Jaw from Skull-A-Day.  TaDa!

papercraft skull made with free printable from skull-a-day
papercraft skull made with free printable from skull-a-day

It’a as easy as:

  1. Download here –> skull-a-day
  2. Print
  3. Cut out
  4. A little sticky tape here, a little there
  5. Assemble and run around the house snapping the jaws and making Unh Unh Unh noises

I reckon this has got end of year classroom activity written all over it.  Add a bit of glitter, felt and cotton wool and you’d have yourself a Snapping Santa Skull.

Send photos!




Nov 5, 2014

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How to get free teacher PD from Fizzics Education

science teachers workshop from Dissection Connection

science teachers workshop from Dissection Connection

Teaching science can be a tough gig.  There seems to be no end to the cool experiment ideas on the internet that you can try in the classroom.  But you don’t always have time or the confidence to check it out first and there is nothing worse than a science lesson that falls flat because the internet lied to you.

What if you didn’t have to ‘squeeze science in’?  What if you knew how to make science part of every lesson?

Fizzics Education offers a free teacher PD workshop for schools that book school workshops.   This is not a powerpoint presentation; it’s a bunch of experiments demonstrated to your staff that have been classroom tested.
We can also arrange this via video conference if time does not allow us to present this on the day of your school visit.

Miss Vivi has seen the difference even a quick one hour workshop can make to a teacher that wasn’t sure where to start with a specimen.  Let Dissection Connection and Fizzics Education give you a set of skills that will make you the best teacher you can be when it comes to delivering science in and out of the classroom.

Pop over and have a look at all the gory bits on their website and while you are there check out the other FREE resources they have for teachers.

Fizzics Education also currently deliver in-person science workshops into Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and also do Regional Visits.